Pr. Didova Khata


Our roots help to find a source of energy for creation life, which carries the raising of the human spirit. That is why today our archetype is my grandfather's house. Which we have filled with new meanings in terms of its sustainability. Grandfather Ivan Torba, after the First World War began to build a house. A small, warm home with an entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The basis is the stone pillars, on which stay a wooden belt - beams, and the bottom of the beam was laid with bricks. Since the plot has a slope, the facade part in the photo is 0 and from the garden this base is visible at 50 cm from ground level. The walls were made with a wooden frame and clay with chaff, whitewashed with lime. Gable roof with a characteristic acute angle, covered with second-class red plain tiles. The carpentry was made by his hands. The house was heated by a wood burning stove with a kitchen surface, which was used to prepare food. And the second wood burning stove was in the bedroom.

Today we need Energy efficiency of the house

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Concept of the house project

Variations materials of the house

3 types materials could be applied for the roof for your choose: Wooden single roof, Red plain roof, Folded grey metal roof.

For every type of the roof you can choose other combinations of materials for fasade:

Fasade brick tiles, Stucco fasade or Ventilated facade decorated Tubadzin Industrio Ivory tiles

You could see below different composition of the materials for the house

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